Ladysmith Marina - Ladysmith , British Columbia, V9G 1K4, Canada

Oak Bay Marine Group Boathouses

Oak Bay Marine Group offers customized, state-of-the-art boathouses to safely store your vessel, built at Ladysmith Marina. We are a crew of mariners, craftsmen and boaters who understand the challenges of maintaining a vessel over time in a harsh marine environment. Our combination of experienced craftsmanship, proprietary design and in-depth knowledge of the industry has propelled us to become the leading boathouse builder in British Columbia.

Boathouse Features:

• Rust free, zero-maintenance aluminum cladding is used in place of traditional steel, which rusts and erodes with time.
• Boathouses are constructed with proprietary support brackets that ensure level walkways and eliminate the need for support beams, providing clear walkways.
• Roof felt eliminates condensation and keeps your vessel dry.
• Construction grade fir wall studs and full size 2” Western Red cedar decking extends the life of the structure.
• Envirofloat, fully encapsulated styrofoam billets do not deteriorate and are impervious to fuel and marine life. This reduces maintenance and extends the life of your floatation.
• Boathouses feature venting locations to ensure both the interior and exterior of your vessel remain dry.
• Plastic bird netting along eave vents keeps birds from gaining access to the boathouse.
• Fully customizable curtain is attached to side walls in a fixed aluminum slider, proving more controlled access. Curtains feature two strips of mesh for added interior light and ventalation.

For more information, go to www.bcboathouses.com

Oak Bay Marine Group